About us

Shri. Devrajbhai D. Maroo & Shri. Zinabhai D. Maroo incorporated “BOMBAY MECHANICAL WORKS” an Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) Unit in the year 1960 undertaking machining and assembling of complete geared elevator machine units for renowned elevator companies of that era.

Over the years, firm established its reputation as a quality machining shop. Later BOMBAY MECHANICAL WORKS launched its own brand of elevator machines “BE-READY”. These machines were used by all reputed elevator companies for a wide range of elevators i.e. from 0.32mps to 1 .OOmps travel speeds with pay load capacity of 272Kgs to 3500kgs.

BE-READY elevators machines are deployed for elevators functioning in various Government Buildings, Indian Railways, Navy Nagar, Thermal Power Plants, Hydro Power Plants, Shipyards, Chemical Companies, Corporate Parks and many other prestigious Residential / Commercial Complexes, Hotels, Hospitals and Industrial establishments pan India.

BOMBAY MECHANICAL WORKS has established itself as one of the leading geared traction elevator machine manufacturer with a full-fledged modern manufacturing, assembling & inspection facility. The design, production, quality control and after sales service is handled & controlled by a competent team possessing high skill and vast experience of the trade.

BOMBAY MECHANICAL WORKS launched its new range of geared traction elevators machines under name of “BMW Gears” which integrates improved and modern field friendly design using latest sophisticated manufacturing technologies and procedures to assure optimum ride quality, consistent performance and enhanced durability. With aid of these manufacturing facilities, technologies and procedures, the range of geared traction elevator machines has increased & are now suitable for elevators with travel speed of up to 2.OOmps and 12000kgs pay load capacity.

After catering the vertical transportation industry for several decades, BMW is a now a group of companies engaged in manufacture & supply of elevators, escalators, car parking & material handling solutions. Apart from geared traction elevator machines, BMW Group also manufactures & supplies the following:

  1. Geared Machines for Dumb Waiters (Pulley & Drum Type)
  2. Complete Kit of Dumbwaiters as per client’s requirement & specification
  3. Geared Machines for FLAME PROOF, EXPLOSION PROOF & WATER PROOF Elevators
  4. Imported & Indian Gearless Traction Machines like TORIN, MONTANARI, TECTRONICS & many more…
  5. Imported & Indian Geared Machine like TORIN, MONTANARI, SHARP, HEENA, RAMAN & many more…
  6. Car & Counter Weight Frame Assemblies for Machine Room & MRL Traction Elevator
  7. Car & Counter Weight Frame Assemblies for Hydraulic Elevator
  8. Repairs of any make, any brand & any model of geared traction elevator machine
  9. Components like Drive Sheaves, Brakes, Worm Gear & Worm Shaft, Bearings etc. for ECE, OLYMPUS,OTIS,EROS, EXCEL, ELECON, MONTANARI, TORIN, SHARP RAMAN, HEENA, MAXTON & more…
  10. All types of Deflector Sheaves from Dia 150mm to Dia 1000mm
  11. Over Speed Governors for Elevators upto 1 .OOmps
  12. Over Speed Governors & Safeties for High Speed Elevators upto 10.OOmps
  13. Pre-fabricated structures of elevator hoist way for all types of elevators & dumbwaiters.
  14. Complete Home Lifts Solutions: Geared, Gearless & Hydraulic
  15. 100% Fully Imported Stair Lift
  16. 100% Fully Imported ELEVATOR KITS with variety of finishes & travel speeds of upto 10.00 mps
  17. Car Parking Solutions like Stack Parking, Tower Parking, Rotary Parking, Puzzle Parking & many more…
  18. Wide range of Escalators, Moving Walk-ways, Inclined Walk-ways & Be-spoke Lifts